Thursday - April 21st 2022

                             ATTENDEE ARRIVAL DAY

   Registration Opens                                        5:00pm

  (Attendees can check in and pickup registration info)

   Opening Reception/Business Mixer              6:00pm 



Friday - April 22nd 2022

   Registration Opens                                         8:00am

(Attendees can check in and pick up registration info)

  Opening Session                                              9:00am

   Bishop T.C. Daniels - "Working Through the Catch 22"

  Session                                                             10:30am

  Dr. Shreé Daniels - "An Excellent Business is an Ethical Business"

  LUNCH BREAK                                              11:45am

 (Lunch provided for attendees)

  Session                                                               1:15pm

  Chris Majaeus - "Competent, Capable, and Core Leadership"

 FINAL SESSION/CLOSING                             2:45pm - 4:00pm

 Bishop T.C. Daniels "Disruptive Leadership"